Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nokia announces its partnership with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure to modernize its IT Infrastructure

The Telecommunication company Nokia announces its partnership with Google Cloud, Azure and AWS to modernize its IT based infrastructure. Nokia and Google Cloud are working together to develop a new cloud-based 5G wireless solution. The two companies will develop a 5G solution. This will combines Nokia’s Radio Access Network (RAN), Open RAN, and Cloud RAN with Google’s premium computing.

This platform will provide additional 5G monetization capabilities for CSPs.

Nokia has partnered with Microsoft for an enterprise cloud solution.

The Nokia will integrate Cloud RAN technology with Microsoft Azure to drive 5G delivery to end users.

Agreement with AWS, Microsoft and Azure


Nokia signed agreement with AWS to research Cloud RAN and to open to the help the building of latest customer 5G solutions.

The partnership, which will take place at Nokia, aims to develop Proof-of-Concepts (PoC). It is for research and activation of Cloud RAN and related technologies.


Nokia announced an agreement with Microsoft to develop personal 4G and 5G cases for the company’s wireless use.

Nokia’s LTE / 5G RAN in corporate buildings provides highly efficient and reliable connectivity to 5G enterprise applications from the 5G core and application ecosystem.

Google Cloud

Nokia joined the team of Google Cloud to build latest Cloud5G radio solutions.

The two companies will work together on a solution that combines Nokia Access Network Network (RAN), Open RAN, Cloud RAN (vRAN) and Edge Cloud technologies with Google’s core computing platform and application ecosystem.

Bikash Kolei, vice president of Google Global Networks and head of telecommunications technology for Google Cloud, said, “This partnership with Nokia will combine our two decades of wireless experience to provide new CSP solutions that enable business transformation at the network edge. “

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