Monday, May 29, 2023

No Indian film should be shown in Pakistan: Actor Shaan Shahid

As a political activist and patriot, Lollywood actor Shaan Shahid has never been afraid to declare his political opinions and his patriotism in front of a crowd. Earlier this month, he turned to Twitter to call on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to maintain the country’s “cultural boundaries” by prohibiting the release of Indian films.

Despite the fact that a majority of people agreed with his point of view, some people did not agree with his proposal.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan, please protect Pakistan’s cultural frontiers,” the letter reads. No films with Indian origins shall be released in Pakistan, and this includes documentaries. India has enacted legislation that prohibits the importation of any Pakistani content into the country. This includes singers, artists, films, and music. In addition, the actor stated that “respect and equality must be key components of any profession.”

Following up on a user’s question, Shaan clarified in another tweet that he is not intimidated by competition and that “respect” is his top source of concern.

They are intimidated by our competition, not the other way around. “Respect and patriotism are at the centre of my argument,” says the actor. “That is why they have prohibited our artists and content from their platforms.”

According to Shaan, in another response, Pakistani theatres are hampered by a lack of financial resources to operate.

According to the Shaan Shahid , “we should also import new things that are not currently available in Pakistan.” That is not the way governments and nations are built, and it should not be the way they are built. It is necessary for us to support and enhance our products in order to make them world-class, and this cannot be accomplished without the assistance of patriotic investors.”

He went on to say that a movie theatre is a retail operation, which the actor agreed with. It is important for them to be the first to invest in the infrastructure of film production in order to ensure that [their] supply does not become depleted. “It’s the equivalent of opening a restaurant without a cooking facility.”

When it comes to talking about peace rather than producing further division, Shaan understands that it is vital to do so. However, he believes that this is not possible in the current environment.

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