Sunday, December 10, 2023

There are no coronavirus cases in Gilgit Baltistan

Three cases of the coronavirus reported in Gilgit Baltistan 11 days ago. Dr. Shah Zaman said no new cases had recorded in the region in the past two days.

He said 300 tests for the coronavirus were carried out every day. He added that samples will be taken from suspicious patients, tourists, and passengers.

“We cannot say that the GB does not contain the coronavirus, but there are currently no coronavirus cases active in the Gilgit Baltistan and all patients have recovered”, said Dr. Shah Zaman, adding that the area would be vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to Interior Minister Mohammad Ali Randhawa, no new cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Gilgit Baltistan.

Dr. Shah Zaman, a coronavirus specialist in the GB, also confirm that there are currently no patients with Covid-19 in the area. He said all coronavirus patients in the area had recovered.

Dr. Shah Zaman said Britain could declare coronavirus free if more than 80% of the area’s population had vaccinated.

“People in the GB are still susceptible to catching the virus because travelers, including local travelers and tourists from other cities, frequently visit the area without tested for the coronavirus. There is a risk of transmitting the virus from passengers,” said Dr. Shah Zaman.

He advised travelers and tourists to take Covid-19 tests before visiting the GB or, as a precaution, quarantined for a period of time after arriving in the region.

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