Friday, September 29, 2023

NITB Creates AJK Automated Water Billing Portal

The Water Billing Portal for Azad Jammu and Kashmir is first did make by the National Information Technology Board (NITB).

Based on the information given, NITB did work with the Directorate of Revenue Public Health Engineering in Azad Kashmir to make a unique, user-friendly, creative solution for the people of AJK.

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) says that the Water Billing PHE-AJK portal will be able to accept digital applications for water connections. Also, they will be able to say what’s bothering them and what’s wrong on this platform. The government of Azad Kashmir did not need to pay for the National Information Technology Board to make software for the Directorate of Revenue and Public Health Engineering.

Asif Mehmood, Director of Azad Kashmir’s Department of Revenue and Public Health Engineering, did tell LahoreHerald in an interview that the National Information Technology Board did help build the portal (NITB). Once this system is in place, the agency will no longer send out water bills by hand.

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Asif says that NITB delivered the software and that the AJK government did receive the 20 million revised PC-1 to buy hardware. With more money from the government, the system could be up and running in Mirpur in two or three months.

After PC1 gives its official approval, this system is sometimes put into place across all of Azad Kashmir. Through this central hub, people are likely to look at and also pay their water bills online. He also said that customers will able to talk to the agency about their water bills over the Internet.

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