Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nintendo will provide separate OLED docking stations for LAN upgrades separately

The docking station for Nintendo’s new OLED switch is sold separately and works with the main console. Nintendo has confirmed that the dock for its new OLED stations for LAN upgrades will be available separately through its online store.

After months of waiting for Nintendo to admit they’re working on a new Switch, it’s finally showing its hands this week. We won’t be presenting the more powerful Switch Pro as I said, but with a completely new OLED model. The new Switch has a bigger OLED screen, a better stand, and a few other features that make it slightly better than the regular Switch.

In addition to the stand, the OLED docking station has rounded edges and, most importantly, a wired LAN connection. This allows the owner to have a more stable internet connection when they need it. In even better news, Nintendo has confirmed to Digital Trends that the dock will sell separately.

“White dock and black dock have offered individually (no HDMI cable, no power adapter, no packaging) at Nintendo’s online store. Not sold in retail stores,” Nintendo added. As already mentioned, this also means you dock a nice new white OLED model. And that can be bought without paying $350 for a new console. Nintendo upgrades docking stations are not selling separately except at the Nintendo Online Store.

The price has not disclosed by Nintendo. To give you a rough idea, you can currently buy a simple dock from an online store for $60 or a refurbished one for $40. OLED model docking stations will likely cost a bit more. Although purchased separately, no cables have included, everything else remains the same. This means you can keep your regular switches there as well as your OLED model should you choose to use them.

The OLED model has launched on October 8, 2021 and so far has generated mixed reactions. Anyone expecting a more powerful console has disappointed. Nintendo was quick to confirm that the built-in OLED model is nearly identical to the regular Switch. No upgraded processor or additional RAM. If you still want a bigger screen and more storage than the new Switch. The launch of the OLED model is very welcome news.

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