Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Nickelback surprised by response to new album

Nickelback looks back on 20 years. Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake from Nickelback recently spoke with People Magazine about their new album, Get Rollin’.

Bandmates were startled by the response to their rock single, “San Quentin,” in September. “Everyone said, ‘Nickelback’s heavy.'” Peake laughed. “We say, “Listen to classic music!” They’ll be happy.”

Nickelback has a strong rock and grunge sound. Their lyrics have grit. Kroeger, 48, has seen more positivity recently. “The band has softened, if you will.”

Peake, 49, acknowledged that the band Emotion has “lost some teeth.” His path has been “interesting.” People are starting to wonder, “Why have we always stated [this about the band]?” It’s illogical.”

“I appreciate that there’s a younger generation that didn’t grow up with the internet and the iPhone,” he said. The rocky road has kept us talking.

In the early 1990s, the two artists started playing in Hanna, Alberta, taverns and clubs. They played Village Idiot alongside Kroeger’s brother Mike and cousin Brandon (who left in 1997), the publication said.

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