Saturday, December 9, 2023

Nick Jonas blasts Disney Channel for cancelling his programme ‘Jonas’

Famous singer Nick Jonas started his acting career after being successful in music with good support from Disney Channel. Camp Rockstar was not overly excited, however, that the network canceled the show and his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas after season two.

Jonas is digging his way to Disney through a TikTok challenge. Nick switches to a video-sharing platform and says, “Oh, I really like it. Tell me that you’ve been to the Disney Channel without telling me you’ve been on the Disney Channel.” The jealous singer brushed off the sarcastic comments, saying, “Look, that’s the problem. Our show was canceled after only two seasons and we don’t have any quotes.”

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As for his series, Jonas, Nick previously admitted that the second season’s show was a big mistake. He said in Amazon Prime’s Jonas Brothers documentary, The Pursuit of Happiness, “That’s a shame. We shouldn’t be doing that. It really slows down our growth. I think it’s just a bad move. It’s just not timely. In a true sense. from that word, we can’t improve. “”

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