Monday, December 11, 2023

Next time PTI is in power, Pakistan would increase quicker : Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed on Tuesday that Pakistan would “rise faster” in the next PTI government election.

He made that comment while talking about economic growth figures at a ceremony in Ziarat. Early in his speech, the Prime Minister prayed for the families of the four Border Corps soldiers who had been martyred in the terrorist attack in Quetta the day before.

The prime minister said the country was “emerging from very difficult times“, adding that opposition parties “made a fuss” that his government would fail once in power.

“They [the opposition parties] fear that their political affairs will be closed if this government takes Pakistan out of difficult economic times. For two years they kept repeating that our country and economy have been destroyed.”

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Economic growth of 0.5 percent was expected last year when “conditions are really bad,” and analysts said a similar rate of growth would be expected in the current fiscal year, the prime minister said.

However, when data released last week by the National Accounts Committee was released forecasting economic growth of 3.94% for that fiscal year, “the entire opposition said the numbers were wrong because if they were true, it meant [Opposition] was.” Lies, “he added. .

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