Monday, December 4, 2023

New Zealand’s largest city Auckland closed again after the fall of COVID-19

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern said on Saturday that the country’s largest city, Auckland, would enter a seven-day lockdown on Sunday morning after a new local case of the Covid rose of unknown origin.

It comes two weeks after nearly 2 million Auckland residents fell into three days of rapid lockdown. When a family of three was diagnosed with a more British version of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Health officials, who could not immediately confirm how the person became infected. Said the genome sequence of the new infection was ongoing.

The patient developed symptoms on Tuesday and believed to potentially infected on Sunday. This person visited several public places during this time.

Based on this, we are in the unfortunate but necessary position to protect Aucklanders again“, said Jacinda Ardern, announcing the lockdown.

Health officials are trying to find out if the new cases are related to the previous February cluster which now had 12 infections.

Locks with a level 3 restriction allow people to leave the home for only basic purchases and basic work, in addition, she said. Public areas also remain closed. Moreover, restrictions in other countries will tighten to Level 2 restrictions, including restrictions on public gatherings.

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One of the most successful developed countries in fighting the spread of the pandemic. New Zealand has seen more than 2,000 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

The Twenty20 cricket duel scheduled for Friday in Auckland between New Zealand and Australia. That will held in Wellington without crowds said New Zealand cricketer.

The new restrictions also make the race for America’s Cup event cruises. Which kick off March 6 at Auckland Harbor, more difficult. America’s Cup event said on Twitter that it was working ” through the implications”.

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