Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New iOS Feature will Verify Genuine iPhone Components

There are certain advantages to returning your iPhone to Apple for a formal repair rather than doing it yourself. For starters, you may rest assured that the parts they utilize will be genuine OEM components. This is in contrast to third-party repair businesses, who may price less. But the components you receive may not be genuine, or they may claim to be genuine. But would you be able to tell the difference?

A new iOS feature, the “Parts and Service History” section, will have added to the Settings app in an attempt to resolve this problem. By accessing these options, you will be able to verify genuine components of your iPhone that may have swapped out. And also replaced during the repair process, as well as whether or not they are genuine.

“Unknown Part” Status

Using an unauthentic part, for example, will result in a “Unknown Part” status. But keep in mind that this status might also apply to a part that has taken from another iPhone or is malfunctioning, which could be a hint that you might need to have it repaired. The component will have labeled as “Genuine Apple Part” if it is a genuine Apple part. And you can tap it to view more information about it, including the date it has last serviced.

As a result, if a third-party repair business claims to be utilizing genuine components of iPhone, this application will verify if they are deceiving you about their authenticity. It might also be utilized if you’re sending your phone to Apple for repair and want to check absolutely certain that everything is in working order. Within the next several months, Apple is likely to create its own self-service repair platform. Through which consumers will have access to specific components and manuals that they may use to repair their own devices.

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