Monday, December 11, 2023

NETSOL Technology and WRLD Launch NXT: A COVID-Aware Smart Workplace Platform to Assist Businesses in Returning to Work Safely

NXT, a COVID-aware smart workplace solution introduced by NETSOL Technologies, Inc., a global services and enterprise application solutions provider, in collaboration with WRLD, an immersive 3D mapping technology company.

NXT makes it possible for employees to return to the office safely by enforcing standard operating procedures and providing seamless communication and virtual interaction for those who continue to work remotely.

“The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the new workplace and has made every company’s commitment to their employees’ health and welfare even more clear,” said Faisal Rasheed Bhatti, NETSOL’s Global Human Capital Management Officer.

The WRLD-powered NXT platform uses IoT technology and 3D gaming quality maps to connect and engage employees with their workplace while also ensuring that they adhere to strict COVID-safety protocols like contact tracing, wellness checks, and social distancing while at work.

– NetsolTech

The NXT platform has been successfully implemented at NETSOL offices and is available as a software application that can be scaled quickly for businesses of any size.

The NXT workspace is a versatile network that connects to an organization’s HR and building management systems, as well as its IoT, efficiency, and wellness systems, to create a Digital Twin of the office space and provide real-time workplace intelligence.

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NXT uses IoT datasets including indoor positioning and occupancy sensors to support workers allocate workspaces and schedule meetings in real-time while maintaining social distance inside the workplace. The following are some of the characteristics of the NXT platform:

  • Employee well-being and welfare Check-ins for SOP and temperature.
  • Office room “Digital Twin” in 3D real-time.
  • COVID-radius view in real-time, ensuring six-foot distances are retained.
  • For occupancy and footfall management, temperature, air quality, and controls, IoT sensors are integrated and visualized.
  • Meeting room booking, office allocation, and secure distance occupancy management are also available online.
  • Customer experience monitoring and error reporting.
  • Navigation and interior wayfinding using turn-by-turn routing.
  • Protection devices and a live camera feed of the office are available.
  • GitHub, JIRA, and Microsoft Teams are examples of real-time productivity management systems.

The NXT platform takes advantage of WRLD’s accelerated indoor map development capabilities, allowing the NXT workspace to be up and running in 30 days, with complete customer-specific integrations, distribution, and implementation taking just 60 days.

WRLD has introduced a competitive pricing model for NXT that is focused on square footage per year or monthly active customers, as well as providing a low-cost alternative for SMEs.

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