Friday, September 29, 2023

NETSOL launches Flex, a cloud-based calculator

Flex, a pure-play SaaS platform, integrates out-of-the-box with client ecosystems. NETSOL Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTWK), a global provider of business services and enterprise application solutions, has released Flex, an API-based, ready-to-use calculation engine that guarantees correct calculations for the life of the contract.

Flex takes into account all calculation factors, such as the end-customer price at conception, changes in the customer’s finances over time, re-creation of the repayment plan, termination, amortizations, and re-amortizations.

NETSOL Technologies founder and CEO Najeeb Ghauri commented, “We’re thrilled Flex has launched everywhere we do business.” Appex launched it. NETSOL will launch more goods and services in this industry.

Flex is a cloud-based computation engine that allows out-of-the-box integration into a client’s goods, services, and ecosystem. Flex enables simple, multidimensional, and complicated computations based on a client’s business needs.

“With native integrations, the pure-play SaaS product could become a very flexible, scalable, and complete solution for many goods, services, systems, and industries,” he said. “It creates a value ecosystem across activities and systems to drive growth and take clients into the future by improving delivery efficiency and product management.”

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