Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Netflix blockbuster Bird Box is now a franchise

Sandra Bullock, the star of Netflix, the hit thriller “Bird Box”, which was watched by 89 million people in just four weeks, is going to be great now that it is a franchise. The first separation was planned for Spanish production.

Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan, producers of the blockbuster Netflix, the post-apocalyptic thriller from 2018, will lead the streamer project, according to US media.

The streaming service turned to Alex and David Pastor to write and direct the release of the original film, directed by Susan Bier

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Production was produced by Adrian Guerra and Nuria Valls for the Spanish team Nostromo Pictures.

So far, the film is yet to get its title. It will go into production in Spain at the end of the year.

Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box is an adaptation of Josh Mahlerman’s novel of the same title. This film tells the story of a world where demons when seen, cause people to kill themselves or each other.

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The 56-year-old actress plays a woman who tries to take her children through this terrible place to a shelter where they can be safe. But you have to be blindfolded to avoid seeing demonic creatures because it’s safe – if you see one, you’ll die.

trailer of Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box movie here:

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