Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Nestle Pakistan is on trial for the death of a child

In 2018, a Lahore resident filed a First Information Report (FIR) against international food giant Nestle Pakistan for the death of his one-month-old daughter who died after consuming lactogenic milk.

Usman Bhati accused the company of selling milk containing poisonous food and held him responsible for the baby’s death.

The lawsuit stated that after consuming Nestle’s formula, she fell ill and was hospitalized, but could not survive and died.

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In the last update of the case, the police officer recommended that the court either reject or cancel it. However, the court ruled that the police-recommended withdrawal report was “not based on compelling or compelling reasons as it needs short notice.”

The court also decided that the available material was sufficient to hear the case and asked the defendant to present a witness at the next trial.

The applicant’s lawyer, Hassan Khan Niazi, took to Twitter after the court announcement and shared documents for the court’s decision. The tweet reads:.

“Nestle Pakistan to face Criminal Trial in Pakistan – the first time in history”

He said the contaminated lactogen killed his client’s child and “despite repeated threats from Nestle, the baby’s father, Usman Bati has not given up.”

The case was brought up after an autopsy report found the child had died from asphyxiation. A Nestle Pakistan report filed in court in response to the case also found that lactogen contained excessive amounts of calcium fluoride, sodium, and potassium. The reporter accused his son of dying from the chemical.

The applicant also appealed to the court to exhume the baby’s body, but Nestle Pakistan challenged the appeal in court.

The FIR also cited the results of the Punjab Forensic Research Agency (PFSA), which detailed the presence of “lambda-cyhalothrin (pesticide) and phenytoin” in the body cavity material.

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