Sunday, October 1, 2023

Naya Pakistan Housing Authority has granted loans totalling Rs46 billion

700,000 individuals are expected to be employed by the government.

According to their spokesman, the Naya Housing Pakistan Authority has so far authorised loan calls totalling Rs46 billion.

Asim Shaukat Ali said in Saturday’s appearance on SAMAA TV that the authority got Rs 127 billion in loans.

He stated the payout process is continuing until now.

In this initiative, Rs4,000 billion is to be generated in economic activity and jobs for more than 700,000 people around the country.

For the provinces and regions, Ali gave the following data.


  • So far, projects worth RS 373 billion have been authorized by the Authority.
  • It is estimated that Rs1,800 Billion will create economic activity.
  • The creation of 322,000 employment.


  • The Rs270 billion authorized for projects.
  • The creation of 200, 000 employment.
  • Rs175 billion allocated for Islamabad projects.
  • Ali shared house costs in urban regions around Rs2.7 million, in rural areas Rs1.8 billion.

Home loans can be obtained using a one-page form. Right now only loans are available for people earning between Rs20,000 and Rs40,000.

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