Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Nawaz Sharif is prevented from travelling by doctors : Medical report

Doctors have halted travelling and attending public places from PML-N Supreme Nawaz Sharif since he has heart and renal disease, The News reported, his latest medical report presented to the Lahore High Court.

Nawaz suffers from heart, renal and diabetes and was warned against flying, visits to public areas – airports, airports and other crowded areas due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the 3-page report signed by Dr David Lawrence, a heart surgeon.

A new problem in the blood flow to Nawaz’s heart was mentioned in the medical report released on 8 July, thus he had to take additional precautions and stay near his hospital in London.

The report was presented a week after Nawaz’s appeal for an extension of his stay in London had been denied by the UK government.

Dr. Lawrence stated in that article he had conducted a coronary artery bypass operation on the former premier, “under intermittent medical therapy and monitoring, since 2016.” Currently, the former Prime Minister is being looked after in the report by an expert team of haematologists at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospitals, and cardiologists in Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital. “For many years, [Nawaz] Sharif has had therapy here in London before this last referral,” he added.

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