Thursday, March 30, 2023

Nauman Ijaz spoke about some of his controversies in professional career

Famous Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz spoke up on some of the most well-known controversies from his interviews. He has a strong personality and he is not afraid to express his thoughts on a variety of matters when the situation calls for it.

Nauman Ijaz is a superb actor who has a large following of admirers all over the world. He has likewise disappointed when pointless conflicts stoked in the media regarding anybody or anything.

When asked about the controversy occurred on Iffat Omar’s show, he stated, “Iffat Omar’s show has completely taken out of context. It was a sarcastic answer. There was a typical discussion taking place.The question was a little strange and the answer was according to it. Everyone who does not have a job becomes a blogger and distorts news. Social media bloggers did the same, cutting the tape out of context and spreading it across the world after one and a half years.”

Nauman Ijaz also talked about his other controversies. Whereas, he stated, “Nida and Razzaq were honest with each other. I didn’t participate. Yes, the editor afterwards removed the moment and altered it with laughs, which produced an issue.”

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