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Nation needs to focus on Real Problems rather than Body Parts: Amna Ilyas

Pakistani actress Amna Ilyas said, “Our nation needs to focus on daily life real problems rather than anyone’s body parts.”

She had to mention the real thing, getting some trolls on social media after a photo she posted on Instagram captured the moral brigade’s ire.

Celebrity devote her free time to posting bizarre replicas of problematic situations in the modern world. She have to silence netizens after getting insult for wearing low-neck blouse.

The model shared a series of photos of Erum Khan’s fashion saree. She edited the caption to say, “I have to rewrite my caption. As I’m tired of thinking why only my cleavage is discussing in the comments.”

The Baaji star continued, “You all don’t like my hair and makeup, my salary, my earrings, or my blouse embroidery?” she asked.

Taking her story on Insta to further explain why the comments made no sense to her, Ilyas shared, “There are so many recurring disasters in the world; poverty, rape, child abuse, war, domestic violence, the list goes on. But it’s insane that my cleavage has gone top on all”.

Instagram story of Amna Ilyas

Regarding the priorities of certain people on social media, the celebrity concluded, “Nation needs to focus on real life issues rather than body parts.”

Last October, Ilyas met with the users on a social network after her long interview from the Hassan Sheheyar Yasin talk show went viral. The video shows former supermodel Aaminah Haq, who was embarrassing by Ilyas’s body because she has gained weight.

In reaction, Ilyas told Haq in an inappropriate video that she couldn’t change what she was doing because no one comes into this world knowing everything.

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