Thursday, March 30, 2023

Narendra Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked on Tweeting Bitcoin Post

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Twitter account was “very briefly hijacked,” according to his office, when a message was published from the account claiming that his government had accepted Bitcoin and would be distributing the cryptocurrency was sent.

According to a tweet from the Indian Prime Minister’s office on Sunday, “the problem was raised to Twitter, and the account was quickly protected.”

There must be no response to any Twitter messages sent during the brief period that the account was compromised, according to authorities. According to CNN affiliate News-18, many Twitter users uploaded screenshots of the tweet sent from the Indian Prime Minister’s personal Twitter account, @narendramodi, after the account was stolen.

The following was written on the screenshot: “The Indian government has formally recognized bitcoin as legal money. A total of 500 bitcoins have been formally purchased by the government, which will be “distributed to all citizens of the country.””

That particular tweet has subsequently been removed. A probable fraud link was also connected to the tweet, which was sent out at the same time.

Narendra Modi Twitter Followers

Modi has more than 70 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the most followed international leaders on the social media platform.

El Salvador became the world’s first government to recognise bitcoin as legal cash in September, and the country’s president, Nayib Bukele, announced plans to develop the world’s first “Bitcoin City” — to be funded first by Bitcoin-backed bonds — last month.

When the Twitter accounts of former President of the United States Barack Obama, former Vice President and current President of the United States Joe Biden, singer and rapper Kanye West, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk all sent out identical tweets in July last year, they claimed that sending bitcoins to a specific link would double the amount of money received.

Despite the fact that these tweets were deleted, several of the accounts that were compromised re-posted them within a few hours after they were first posted. The company reported that many of its workers, who had access to internal systems, had their accounts hijacked in a “planned social engineering effort” that led to the broad breach.

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