Thursday, March 30, 2023

Once Nana Patekar criticized Salman Khan for supporting Pakistani artists

Nana Patekar is the one who calls the right a right. If he disagrees with something, he expresses it very brutally and openly. Many know how he broke collaboration with Sanjay Dutt. He shared his views on Dutt very clearly. The same thing happened to Salman Khan.

All of this happened after the Uri attack in 2016 by a terrorist group. 17 Indian army soldiers had killed in the deadliest terrorist attack. Out of solidarity and intolerance towards such activities allegedly supported by Pakistan, the Association of Film Producers decided not to employ Pakistani artists.

While many supported the resolution, but Salman Khan believed the terrorist attack had nothing to do with the artists. He said at a media event, “Pakistani actors are not terrorists. They are artists. The Indian government gave them permits and visas.” As expected, Salman received a lot of responses, but the industry didn’t say much about him. Although, Nana Patekar took him seriously.

In one event, Nana Patekar asked for comments by Salman Khan. Nana answered without saying his name. He said, “Jo patar patar karte hain, un par dhyan mat do… Itni ehmiyat mat dena kisi ko, Unki aukaat nahi utni ehmiyat ki.”

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