Monday, September 25, 2023

Nagasaki commemorates 76 years of Atomic bombing during World War II

The Japanese city of Nagasaki remembered the 76th anniversary of its destruction by the US atomic bombing. The mayor called on the world community to renew the nuclear ban treaty. Nagasaki had razed to a nuclear hell three days after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima with killing 74,000 people.

The dual strikes began in the nuclear age and gave Japan the grim distinction of being the only nation has affected by nuclear weapons. Survivors and a handful of foreign dignitaries prayed silently at 11:02 am.

The number of participants has significantly reduced due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus. The ceremony was the first since an international treaty banning nuclear weapons came into effect last year. Japan did not sign it. The treaty has no weight without the participation of nuclear armed states.

“We are the only country that was hit by an atomic bomb during the war. Our ongoing mission is to advance the international community’s efforts step by step for a world without nuclear weapons,” Japanese Prime Minister said at the ceremony.

“World leaders must commit to reducing nuclear weapons and building trust through dialogue. Civil society must push them in that direction,” said Nagasaki Mayor.

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