Monday, December 11, 2023

Naftali Bennett warned world powers as new Israeli PM

Israeli new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned world powers against returning to the nuclear deal with Tehran. He referred his warning to the election of judiciary chief Ebrahim Raesi as Iran’s new president. Bennett said in a televised address during his first cabinet meeting since he took office.

In 2018, former US President unilaterally withdrew Washington from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran in a bid to bring Tehran. It was only to get Iran back to talks about a better deal. Talks between Iran and Western powers to revive the pact recently resumed in Vienna despite Israeli opposition.

Naftali Bennett warned that Israel will not allow the Iranian regime to possess weapons of mass destruction. Raesi’s election is the last chance for world powers to wake up before they go back to the nuclear deal. Also find out who they are doing business with. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called Raesi a butcher and an extremist who committed to the regime’s nuclear ambitions.

Israel’s chief of staff Aviv Kochavi flew to Washington on a six-day official visit. It has expected to hold talks with US officials about the US intention to return to the nuclear deal with Iran. There is a window of opportunity for Israel to influence the course of events before inauguration of Iran’s new president.

Raesi was the ultra-conservative chief justice. He received 17.92 million votes in Friday’s election and beat three of his rivals with a landslide victory. According to the Interior Ministry, turnout was 48.8%, the lowest level in Iran’s history.

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