Thursday, March 30, 2023

NADRA replaces ATMs with digital payment

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has created a new electronic payment system that may meet all of your cashless payments (ATMs) and digital transaction needs. In light of this new development, ATMs may soon become obsolete.

NADRA and 1Link, are the largest and only fully licensed payment gateway systems in Pakistan. Came together to make this new success possible. The two organizations it has joined forces to create, Run an electronic payment system that builds on NADRA’s e-Sahulat franchise.

With the help of this collaboration. NADRA will turn over 17,000 e-Sahulat locations into fully functional ATMs with a full set of digital payment options. Public-to-government (P2G), government-to-public (G2P), and also public-to-public (P2P) transactions are all possible in these places.

Chairman Tariq Malik of NADRA and 1Link’s CEO Najeeb Agrawal signed the agreement on Monday at NADRA’s headquarters. In response to this new information, Malik said that NADRA is already working to improve e-governance by offering digital services that help businesses and also government agencies alike.

He said that the e-Sahulat rates run by NADRA are one of the most cutting-edge ways to send money electronically in Pakistan.

To make things more open and accountable. We are strengthening the state’s ability to provide digital public goods and also moving toward using electronic financial transactions. So, this would also pave the way for monetary inclusion.

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Through this partnership, NADRA’s more than 17,000 e-Sahulat locations can become able to increase the capacity of the countries with more than 16,500 1Link ATMs. Like itself says “, this will make deposits and withdrawals easier.

Malik said that the digital platform may get available in all of Pakistan. This would allow kids from poor families to stay in school by working to pay for tuition.

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