Wednesday, March 22, 2023

NADRA Partnership with HBL to Accept Payments Via Credit and Debit Cards

In a recent announcement, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) announced that HBL has been given the mandate for the deployment of Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals for the acceptance of credit and debit cards at NADRA Centers throughout the country.

According to a news release published here on Wednesday, these point-of-sale terminals are being installed at all NADRA Centers in accordance with the orders and recommendations of the government of Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan.

The agreement in this regard was signed by Tariq Malik, Chairman of the NADRA, and Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and Chief Executive Officer of Habib Bank Limited (HBL). High-ranking representatives from both organizations were also in attendance during the event.

Mr. Tariq Malik, Chairman of the NADRA, said that the installation of POS Terminals at NRCs will enable payment through debit and credit cards. National Automated Data Retrieval Systems (NADRA Centers) receive a large amount of public traffic every day, and digitizing payment systems would provide citizens with a greater variety of payment options, while also providing them with an easy and secure mode of payment as the country transitions towards becoming a digital country, according to him.

He asserted that the use of POS Terminals at the NRCs improves the efficiency and accuracy of accounting records. Because many applicants are Overseas Pakistanis with international bank accounts and payment cards, he explained that the NRCs will now be accepting a wider range of currencies in order to accommodate them.

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HBL will be implementing its point-of-sale terminals at all NADRA Centers around the country as a result of this agreement. This initiative is critical to the improvement of Pakistan’s digital infrastructure, as it allows HBL to play a role in assisting NADRA in its efforts to digitalize its identifying systems across the country. It will provide applicants at NADRA with a variety of payment options by providing the ease and convenience of using a single payment method.

The President and CEO of HBL, Muhammad Aurangzeb, stated on the occasion, “We are delighted to have been awarded this mandate.” HBL and NADRA have had a long-standing working relationship that has lasted for many years. HBL, as the primary bank of the government of Pakistan, has developed a number of key programs in collaboration with NADRA in order to provide comfort and simplicity to the general population.

This relationship contributes to HBL’s strategic aim of advancing digitalization throughout the country,” says the company.

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