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Showbiz life is as flawed as your divorce and remarriage: Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan and Sanam Jung are no strangers on stage when it comes to hosting events. The two of them aced their careers with warm conversations with various public figures. It got even more interesting when the actors became guests tried by Ahsan Khan in the last episode of “Time Out” with Ahsan Khan.

Nadia and Sanam are open about everything privately and publicly. “If you are worried about where I am in my life, do yourself a favor, find me on YouTube and you will find thousands of fictional stories about my married life,” said Nadia, referring to photos of her recent second marriage viral. “People judge our lives on anonymous YouTube channels for fear of being beaten up by celebrities. It’s exactly how I feel when someone judges my actions, my marriage, my divorce, and all the gossip that’s going on in our society like to give up.”

“After my mother-in-law received a call that my husband had married another woman,” recalled Jung. “People either don’t know or decide to ignore the fact that my husband is a pilot in the US and that’s why I live here with my in-laws. This is misunderstanding as a breakup that doesn’t happen at all.” “

Ahsan Khan asked Nadia and Sanam about social media

Ahsan immediately changed the subject and asked Nadia, who is also an avid social media user, how to deal with the madness. “Everyone gets married at some point in life, but whether I share this update on social media or not is entirely my personal responsibility,” she replied. “Surprisingly, if you choose not to share private photos on social media, trolls somehow access and post the photos online without being able to share anything with them.”

When Ahsan asked Nadia how she met her husband Faisal, she turned off the flamethrowers on social media again. “People say nonsense about my family. Things officially started after Faisal and my kids met. We got married after our kids gave their consent,” she said.

But even that couldn’t prevent him from being targeted. Nadia was then summoned to adopt a son. “People have problems with why I adopted a son when I can have my own child and my answer is simple: I don’t answer to anyone. Kiyan is my Jaan (life) and that’s all I have to say.”

Nadia and Sanam, known to be outspoken individuals, have come to the conclusion that people need to care more about what’s going on in their own home than in any other’s house.

“Trust me, what happens in your house is no better than what business people go through in their lives. It’s better to start smelling coffee because a lot of marriages and divorces are not just our stories,” both said.

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