Wednesday, November 29, 2023

NAB will seek Covid vaccine buying record from private lab

NAB Lahore has opened an investigation into complaints that private laboratories are trying to charge more than $ 100 per person for the Covid-19 vaccine after buying it from Russia.

“The NAB is seeking Covid vaccine buying record from the laboratory regarding getting the vaccine from Russia, against $20 (two doses) and it’s proposed plan to charge $125 per person”.

“Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, which invests in the development of the Sputnik Covid vaccine. Announced it will sell it for $ 10 per dose ($ 20 for two doses). Hence, the lab plans to sell it for Rs 20,000 ($ 125) for two cans of sale, and with awareness and precaution. So, the excessive gain or loss from public money should review under Sections 33C and 27 of the NAB Regulations,”. Furthermore, he said, adding that the office will see who for what price and how many million cans it will buy and sell.

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In the last days, governments had allowed private companies to import the Covid vaccine

The government has permitted private companies to import coronavirus vaccines and has agreed to issue those imports from price limits.

Pakistan does not yet provide a significant quantity of the vaccine from any company. And this month it vaccinated 500,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine donated by China. The photos will initially be distributed primarily to frontline health workers.

Last month, Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Assad Umar said. The federal government would not have a monopoly on vaccine imports. “Provinces and the private sector have the right to import vaccines with the approval. Given by the Pakistan Drug Administration (DRAP),” he said in addition.

“Drap has approved three vaccines for use in Pakistan – Sinopharm China, Russia’s Sputnik V and the University of Oxford-AstraZeneca”.

When he contacted, an employee from the private laboratory told him he was unfamiliar with the matter.

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