Friday, March 24, 2023

NA rejects bill requiring mandatory students drug testing

The National Assembly has rejected a motion by Shakila Luqman of the PML-N that seeks to make drug testing mandatory for students at educational institutions in Islamabad.

The bill was rejected by lawmakers with 50-6 votes.

In addition, the Chamber approved nine bills by private deputies and two bills by the government and forwarded four bills to the joint session of parliament to be held today (Thursday).

The House passed the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Bill 2022, moved by Mahreen Bhutto and Agha Rafiullah of the PPP. Another bill, “Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Bill 2022”, moved by Rafiullah, was also passed by the house.

The house also passed the Criminal Laws Bill (Amendment) of 2021 moved by the PML-N MNA, Mehnaz Akbar Aziz.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Murtaza Javed Abbasi, moved two bills that were considered as a complementary agenda in the House.

These bills were the Draft Bill of the Secretariat of the National Assembly, 2022, and the Bill of Diplomatic and Consular Officials (Oath and Fees) (Amendment), 2021.

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The house also passed six other private member bills which include Islamabad Community Integration Bill 2020, Pakistan Post and Logistics Regulatory Authority Bill 2019, Code Bill, Bill Procedure (Amendment), 2022, the Specific Relief Bill (Amendment), 2021, the Limitation (Amendment) Bill, 2020, and the Criminal Laws Bill (Amendment), 2020.

The National Assembly has forwarded four bills to the joint session of parliament for consideration, which include the Pakistan Psychological Council Bill 2021, the Parent Protection Bill 2021, the National Council of Information Technology, 2022, and the Pak University of Engineering and Emerging Technology University Bill, 2022.

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