Monday, April 15, 2024

Musk wanted to ban non-paying Twitter users

Musk wanted to get rid of Twitter users who didn’t pay. Think twice users before signing up for the new $7.99 per month Twitter Blue plan. Soon, only people who pay might become able to use all Twitter. Platformer, a tech news blog that has shared inside information about Twitter, now says that Elon Musk has thought about making the service only available to users who pay for it.

As of this writing, even so. It’s not clear how serious Musk is about this, and he hasn’t said anything official about it either. So far, Twitter hasn’t requested comment.

This news comes at a time when Twitter is very chaotic. Elon Musk did purchase it for $44 billion at the end of October and on Friday. The social media giant fired almost half of its employees. According to reports, the new owner of Twitter says the company was losing $4 million per day and has done fire a number of executives and managers to cut costs.

He also said that the fire workers would get three months of severance pay. Which is twice as much as the law requires.

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But in a humiliating twist of events, Twitter also appears asking some of the former workers to come back. Due to Musk’s big plans for the platform, some employees are true “accidentally” did fire, and also did fire before management did realize they were needed.

The price of Twitter Blue, the premium level with more features, will also go up. The price is going up from $3.99 to $7.99, and soon it’ll become necessary to get the prestigious blue tick. In addition to content without ads, premium add-ons will include the ability to bookmark folders, delete tweets, and create custom app icons.

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