Friday, September 29, 2023

Musk promises a Twitter “content moderation council.”

Elon Musk, who just did buy Twitter, said that he wants to set up a council to handle content moderation issues. Musk did tweet on Friday that the “council” has “widely different opinions” and that until the group met. “No important content decisions or account reinstatements” may get did make.

A few hours later, he did rush through the process of becoming a media executive. He did send out a tweet saying, “Become clear, we have not yet changed Twitter content moderation policy.”

Musk has said that as part of his plan to make Twitter a “free speech” zone. He might think about inviting back controversial people like former president Donald Trump. Based on what he said on Friday, it seems like he is giving this kind of power to a council.

Musk’s tweet doesn’t say what kinds of opinions he wants on the council. How many people will make up it, and how they will choose? How this group can become different from other content moderation and policy groups in the company?

On the other hand, Elon Musk did make it obvious that he doesn’t like how the platform is doing moderately right now. When he did take over the company, he did fire many executives, including policy chief Vijaya Gadde, whose decisions he has really openly did criticize before he left the rights.

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Meta’s oversight board is implied to act as a separate group that makes decisions about Facebook’s platform and moderation. It’s not the only social media site that works this way, though. But it did question how much the board can enforce its own decisions.

Even though Twitter and other platforms value “free speech,” they sometimes did limit the moderation decisions they can make in the future because of the complex web of laws that could govern how internet companies can control their platforms.

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