Monday, December 4, 2023

Musk Confirms Twitter Blue Tick Price, Could Restore Vine

Elon Musk, Twitter “Chief Twit,” said this week that the blue tick verification might start costing prices in the future. This is necessary to stop spam and false accounts. Musk says that it will soon become a premium feature for Twitter Blue Tick, and the price already does establish.

Musk has the cost of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s premium plan, from $4.99 to $8 per month. Also, he said that the price then does adjust in a way that takes into account the different buying power of different countries.

The new CEO of Twitter said that this would also give you special treatment in replies, mentions, and searches. The ability to share long audio and video clips, and half as many ads. He says all of these help the system reduce bogus profiles and spam. If a publisher is willing to work with Twitter, customers of the did pay Twitter Blue service may become able to access content behind a paywall.

Musk says that Twitter will pay content creators with money from subscriptions. Politicians might apply this tag to their name when they mention it in the news.

The Vine Is Back

Also, the founder of SpaceX wants to compete with TikTok by bringing back Vine, Twitter’s app for looping videos that are now closed in 2016. 70% of the more than 5 million individuals who took Musk’s poll on Twitter asking if they wishes Vine back said yes.

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There are rumors that Musk wants to relaunch Vine by 2022. However, former Vine employee and shutdown manager Sara Beykpour claim the app’s code is older than 6 years. Some of it is even older than 10. If Twitter wishes to bring back Vine, they need to completely rewrite it.

But six-second videos are popular now, so there’s no harm in bringing back Vine.

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