Thursday, February 22, 2024

Multan police are looking for a viral boy driving a Land Cruiser

The latest video of a child under 10 driving a Toyota Land Cruiser went viral yesterday. The video was recorded by a passenger on a motorbike in what appears to be one of Multan’s main highways.

Although the video is unstable and not of high quality, it is clear to see a child driving an SUV on his own. The boy appears to be standing on the floor of the SUV so that his short legs can reach the barracks and see the road.

Source: Facebook/Pakistan Retweet

News showed that the boy was driving on Jalan Bosan, one of the main and busiest roads in Multan. He added that there were many road guards guarding the road, as well as several active security checkpoints, but no one had noticed or prevented the boy from driving on the main road.

The city traffic police reportedly told media that surveillance video footage was used to identify the vehicle. Authorities also confirmed that vehicle owners would take action to risk multiple lives and possible property damage, and to allow a child to drive on the main road.

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