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Suspicious explosive vehicle found near Mukesh Ambani residence in Mumbai

A suspicious explosive vehicle found parked in front of the residence of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, Indian media reported Thursday.

Police said the vehicle contained explosives and left “meters from a high-rise residence on Mumbai’s Carmichael Road”.

“A Scorpion van with some gelatin found some distance from Mukesh Ambani’s house in Mumbai. The Mumbai Criminal Investigation Department is investigating it. The truth will reveal,” Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmuh quoted as saying by media.

According to the police, the suspicious vehicle was reported on Thursday night. After which the bomb detection and destruction team or the BDDS team were immediately on the spot.

“They inspected the vehicle and found 20 sticks of explosive gelatin in it. This was not a homemade explosive device. The investigation is ongoing,” said a police source.

The source added that video footage of the surveillance showed the car parked in the area around 1am last night.

According to media, a letter was also found in the van, but its contents have not been released.

Antilia, Residence of Mukesh Ambani —Photo Courtesy: wikimedia commons

Publications report that the house of industrialist Mukesh Ambani has 27 floors. This is a 400,000 square foot building called Antilia in the posh Cumballa Hills area of ??south Mumbai where the family moved in 2012.

“Designed by Perkins and Will of Chicago, it has three helipads, a 168 cars garage, a ballroom, nine high-speed elevators, a 50-seat theater, garden gardens, swimming pool, spa, wellness center, temple and snow room.” based in New Delhi.

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