Monday, May 29, 2023

Mozilla VPN is found to have a serious security flaw

Cure 53, a German cybersecurity firm, did a security assessment of the Mozilla VPN client and application and found a number of flaw. During a test in August, two moderate vulnerabilities and one high-risk vulnerability have discovered.

The latter, FVP-02-014, could lead customers to try to hijack WebSockets between sites. But this issue has identified and addressed by Cure53 during the audit. This way, no customer has affected and there has no more security risk.

Mozilla VPN has launched almost 20 years ago by a foundation famous for their Firefox web browser. It also added an anti-theft tool, content creation service. And an email tool for privacy enthusiasts called Firefox Relay to its portfolio.
When we checked it out in 2020, Mozilla VPN couldn’t compare to persistent VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN because despite their low monthly fees. They had too few features and access has limited to five registered devices. Mozilla’s VPN has grown to include over 30 countries, five platforms, 28 languages, and 400+ servers since our previous test.

Mozilla has also announced upcoming updates over the next few weeks with “new and exciting” security features and customizations.

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Audits come in many forms. Mozilla has focused on security flaw while others are concerned with data registration (and whether unregistered VPN companies keep their promises). More and more VPN providers are jumping for the test in an attempt to stand out from the competition and stand out from the rest in a very crowded market.

But audits cost money and require staff that small companies may not have. In other words, an audit can be a useful tool for distinguishing between a reputable VPN provider and a VPN provider that flies at night.

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