Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mozilla expects revenue over $500M this year

The Mozilla Foundation published its 2020 financial report today. This offers us a solid idea of the organization’s financial health a year ago. But this year Mozilla provided us with more recent statistics as well.

Mozilla has had a challenging few years, with big layoffs in 2020 as it restructures its for-profit part, Mozilla Corporation. Despite technical breakthroughs, Mozilla’s Firefox browser is floundering in a market dominated by Chromium-based browsers. In 2020, Mozilla Corporation generated $466 million in revenue via search partnerships (led by its Google search arrangement), subscriptions, and advertising. Mozilla made $465 million in revenue from these sources in 2019.

The group expects revenue of above $500 million in 2021.

Most importantly, Mozilla’s new products like Mozilla VPN, Firefox Relay Premium, Pocket and other commercial endeavours are starting to pay off. According to Mozilla senior VP Angela Plohman and CFO Eric Muhlheim, new product revenue will climb 150 percent this year and account for 14% of total revenue in 2021. From 2020 to 2021, revenue for Mozilla VPN increased by 450 percent.

Mozilla’s Partnership with Google

Still, 86 percent of Mozilla’s 2020 revenue came from its Google search partnership. While that’s down from 88 percent in 2019, Mozilla is still reliant on Google for now.

With its popular Chrome browser, Google is both a competitor and increasingly out of sync with Mozilla’s overarching attitude.

We’ve been looking for ways to monetize that connect with our beliefs and set us apart,” says Mitchell Baker, CEO and chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation. For a long time, we’ve predicted the demise of cookies and a shift away from behavioral targeting in internet advertising. Here we are, ready to lead the industry toward a new form of ethical advertising that respects people while benefiting businesses. We are establishing a business by designing items for the future.

Ultimately, Mozilla wants more consumers to adopt (or return to) its services, be it its browser or its VPN. With Google’s objectives widely questioned and Microsoft’s Edge team making a few mistakes recently. Also there is room for a non-Chrome browser. Bringing sponsored suggestions and adverts to Firefox hasn’t necessarily endeared Mozilla to its own users.

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