Tuesday, December 5, 2023

More than 3,400 Covid cases reported cross 5% positivity

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) expressed concern about the rising cases and deaths from the Covid-19 in the country, On Thursday. Aadding that almost all major cities have beat the 5% positive rate.

Distribution of cases and deaths by region:

Punjab: 1,824 cases, 43 deaths

Islamabad: 538 cases, 2 deaths

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 624 cases, 9 deaths

Sindh: 384 cases, 1 death

Azad Jammu and Kashmir: 103 cases, 6 deaths

Balochistan: 22 cases

At today’s NCOC meeting, chaired by Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Assad Umar, the forum was briefed on the application of the various health guidelines that have been issued to all federal departments.

The general neglect of SOPs by the masses is a sign of serious concern. Mass SOPs violations have been widely reported in all major cities. Including not wearing face masks and ignoring social distancing, the NCOC said.

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The forum urged citizens to demonstrate “good social behavior” and warned that failure to comply would lead to austerity measures. That could lead to business closures and restrictions on economic and social activities.

Please extremely careful

The Minister for Planning and Development also turned to Twitter to urge citizens to exercise caution in the face of the third wave of the pandemic.

“Sharp spike in Covid positivity. Daily hospital admissions and people in critical care rising fast. “If SOP compliance does not improve, we will be forced to place stronger restrictions on activities. Please be very, very careful. The new strain spreads faster and is more deadly,” Asad Umar said.

Last week, Asad Umar said, “The third wave of coronavirus had started in the country, there was “no doubt” that a third wave had begun, citing the spread of a British variant of the coronavirus as the reason”

Industry Minister Hamad Azhar appealed to companies and industries to ensure the implementation of SOPs to prevent the spread of the virus.

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