Saturday, December 2, 2023

Landslides in Monsoon season killed 36 persons in India

Thirty-six people have killed in India in the wake of landslides caused by monsoon rains. After three separate landslides, 40 other people were missing in the Western State of Maharashtra.

“We’re trying to rescue people,” the local official said, adding that 36 people died yesterday after three landslides caused by very strong rain.”

In the meantime, after the heavy rains caused thousands of blown floods, the Navy and Air Force joined rescue efforts. Landslides obstructing highways, notably the key road connecting Goa and Mumbai, hindered the rescue operations.

After 24 hours of continuous rain that caused overflowing of the Vashishti River, drowning roads and residences. The water levels increased by almost 3.5 metres (12 feet) in sections of Chiplun. It is a town 250, kilometres (160 miles) from Mumbai.

After India landslides, seven rescue equipment has dispatched by the Indian Navy with rubber boats, life jackets and lifeboats to the affected regions, including with a helicopter for transporting residents with bogies. Each squad was escorted by Specialist Navy divers.

In various areas of India, the meteorological service issued red warning that heavy rain will remain in India.

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