Thursday, February 22, 2024

Model Sagarika is meeting with her attorneys

After Raj Kundra has been detained in a presumed case of pornography, a number of models and actors have been brought up to tell their experience.

She also made a video of the Sagarika model Shona Suman, which she allegedly accused Kundra of requesting her ‘nude audition’ after a web series had been made available. “I received a call for a web series created by Kundra from Umesh Kamat (PA). When I entered the call, he requested that I decline a naked audition, “She said. Although the model did not take any action then, Sagarika was driven forward by the existing flow of events.

When Sagarika talked to the ETimes, she said she’s in talks with her attorneys already. She responded, “I’m considering what should be done with my attorneys already. There are numerous more who make porn movies. Some 30 people are not only victims, but a component of the porn ring run by Kundra. These performers are actively encouraging and shooting pornography, and then distributing unedited footage on your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. These persons should also be jailed as the authorities investigate their roles.”

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