Friday, December 1, 2023

Model Chrissy Teigen’s latest cookbook pays tribute to her late son Jack

The Cravings’ cookbook is devoted to Chrissy Teigen’s return to her late son Jack.

She labelled the page “to Jack” in honour of her late son, whom she had lost after a miscarriage, on a page in her cookbook.

She went to Instagram to say she released Cravings: All Together: Recipes To Love, her third cookbook.

The model went to social media earlier this month to thank fans for their friendly reports regarding their loss of pregnancy.

“You folks sent the most incredible messages, cards, and volumes of condolences, and I just wish you knew that we had them all. They’re all. I’ll read them all, all right? All right? I adore the men, I love you, “She said.

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