Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Minister: Pakistan wants to Boost $15 Billion in IT Exports

In a recent interview, the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom. Syed Amin Ul Haque said that the government is still planning to increase IT exports from Pakistan to $15 billion in the coming years.

The federal minister is still at ITCN Asia 2022. Which served as a place to talk about how to improve IT and teach the next generation. The Ecommerce Gateway convention, which will last until August 26, 2022, can become three days long.

The minister gave the official start to both the show and the talks. He said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif already has ordered the creation of a plan to boost IT exports. He said, “The goal for IT exports for next year is $5 billion, and over the next five years, that will go up to $15 billion.”

The government is thinking about ways to help the industry, like making regulations better and giving tax breaks. People are also thinking about other ideas. The minister also said that the policies for cyber security and the protection of private information became finished.

He said that preliminary feasibility studies are done and that IT Parks may soon build in Karachi with an investment of Rs. 31 billion. With help from Sindh University, the minister said that IT programs have now begun at several schools in Hyderabad.

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ITCN Asia 2022 has seminars and conferences on a wide range of topics. Such as cryptocurrency, electronic commerce, software engineering, startups, robotics, retail technology, and advertising technology. People who are well-known in the field of information technology will talk about the latest changes and opportunities in the field.

It will include over 800 different businesses represented by almost 1,500 different brands.

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