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Minal Khan Asks Saboor! Shahroz Wants Me To Meet Him

The stunning Minal Khan and Shahroz Sabzwari are brilliant actors who go well with the film partner. Although they were recently seen sharing screen in the dramatization sequential Hasad. Is something cooking between the two previous co-stars? How about we discover!

In addition to seeing Minal and Sabzwari together in Hasad, the crowd totally adored the team’s easy science on screen, and in actuality, they looked great together. Afterward, seeing the pair star together in Nand energized the fans.

Minal Khan And Shahroz Sabzwari_Photo Courtesy: Instagram/@minalkhan.official

Further, she showed up in the show Choti Car Bara Star. In which khan has given a situation. Besides she needed to guarantee that her previous co-star Sabzwari is constantly calling and bothering her. Although the reason for the call was to survey her acting abilities.

In the ‘Call a companion’ fragment, Khan approached to settle on a decision to a dear companion. And indeed she play this trick on. Certainly, she dialed Saboor Aly’s number and educated her about Sabzwari’s pointless messages and calls.

At the point when Aly got the call, Khan said, “I’m extremely disturbed, and I need to advise you. Shahroz Sabzwari has been calling me for such a long time and demanding to meet me. He isn’t at all like that, I know since I have completed two activities with him.”

‘Should I tell Sadaf?’ Minal inquires

“Be that as it may, presently he is requesting to meet me. He says there is a significant thing to tell,” Khan added. “Presently you mention to me what I ought to do, should I tell Sadaf or simply overlook it.”

Subsequent to tuning in to Khan, Aly additionally gets vexed and says, “Has Shahroz at any point done this previously, and now for what reason is he needing to meet me?” To which Ki Jaana Main Kaun entertainer answered, “I don’t have the idea. Disclose to him that you can’t meet him.” While the host of the program, understanding the circumstance, quickly started giggling, which made Aly understand that it was a trick.

Afterward, when Khan clarified that she was kidding. And also she apologized to her. Then Aly just left puzzled and afterward started chuckling. The Ki Jaana Main Kaun diva at that point additionally apologized to Sabzwari and his significant other Sadaf Kanwal after the trick call finished. She explained that of course it was important for the show. And surely she needed to do it.

Here is the trick call video, appreciate!

Haha, great one!

While Sabzwari is joyfully hitched to the supermodel Sadaf Kanwal. Minal Khan additionally appears to be a lot of upbeat in her relationship.

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