Monday, December 11, 2023

Millions of people go to Swat during the Eid holidays

The traffic system has been impacted by the inflow of visitors in Swat and huge lines of cars have been established on the roads to tourist attractions.

On the fifth day of Eid, tourists continued to come in Swat and the routes to the tourist attractions were blocked by congestion leading into minutes to hours travelling.

More than 800,000 visitors visited the valley during the previous five days, most of them visited the Kalam Valley, according to the district government. All the hotels stayed full amid the throng and finding rooms in the hotels was tough.

Police staff have been stationed at several locations, according to Swat Police, to help visitors who work hard to keep the traffic system in place, while tourist police teams also support tourists.

The tourist flood resumed in Swat on the fifth day of Eid, and long queues of cars remain in the lines at the entrances to Swat, Landake, Shamozai and Chakdara, whilst the lines continue to Kalam, Malam Jabba and Gabin Jabbas.

Section 144 was implemented following yesterday’s drowning, but there are still significant numbers of visitors that come to the Peshawar in the Mahodand Lake region of Kalam.

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