Friday, December 1, 2023

Millions of Facebook passwords stolen, claims Meta

Social media behemoth Meta warns that millions of Facebook users’ passwords perhaps do hack by malicious third-party apps. Security experts have released a report warning people about more than 400 fake apps that steal users’ Facebook credentials.

The report says that these malicious programs pretended to become “fun or useful” services like photo editors, cameras, fitness trackers, virtual private network (VPN) apps, and more. Like many other apps, these ones let you log in with your Facebook account. Unfortunately, these Facebook sign-in options are all just fronts for stealing user credentials.

Also, as David Agranovich, Director of Threat Disruption at Meta, pointed out, these apps didn’t get much of their own functionality. Press conference update He told the reporters:

Until you agreed to log in, many of the apps are rather useless. Unfortunately, that’s still the case for the vast majority of them.

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store will have versions of these malicious apps, but the Google Play Store always has more downloads. Meta says that of the 47 apps available for iOS, only 2 are “business utility” apps. The other 25 are consumer apps like photo editors. Names like “Very Business Manager,” “Meta Business,” “Facebook Analytic,” “Ads Business Knowledge,” and others were can include.

As soon as Meta found out about the problem, it told Apple and Google and sent out warnings to a potential user base of 1 million. The alerts told Facebook users that their accounts might has did the hack.

Both Apple and Google said that it has removed these apps from their own app stores. This is what a Google official said in a press release:

There is no longer any sign of any of the terms in the complaint on Google Play. Users of Android are also protected by Google’s Play Protect, which blocks access to malicious software.

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