Monday, December 11, 2023

Microsoft Windows 11 is the beginning of the end for Skype

Microsoft has officially announced its new operating system, Windows 11, which will replace the current version in the next few years and Skype is going away for the first time in years.

Among all the new features there are two seemingly minor but related things that have emerged.

Microsoft Teams, the video calling app that became booming at some stage in the 2020 pandemic, might be integrated into home windows eleven by way of default.

This seems to indicate that Teams is the new favorite kid, and many experts believe it’s the beginning of the end of what was once the king of calling apps.

Microsoft appears to have shut down Skype,” wrote Irish & Sunday Independent technology editor Adrian Wecker. “Goodbye Skype”, added Future Publishing Content Director Jeremy Kaplan. “RIP Skype” is a direct response from Tom Warren of The Verge. But the truth is that Skype has long lost its relevance.

What will be the future of Microsoft Skype?

Microsoft bought Skype 10 years ago for $8.5 billion (£6.1 billion). It was the tech giant’s biggest acquisition to date, and there are questions about whether it was too much.

But Microsoft buys apps that has downloaded a billion times and have hundreds of millions of users.

“Together we will shape the future of real-time communication,” predicted Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer.

It seems to work – the application is bundled with every new computer and number of powerful users.

However through the center of the decade, internet boards had been complete of posts asking “why is skype so bad?” and complain approximately updates. Many point to bad performance and questionable design alternatives. At the same time, mobile messaging apps – like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – exploded and started introducing video calling, one of Skype’s main attractions.

The first version of Skype has launched in 2003 and, despite frequent updates, is slowly showing its age.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing its app for business chat teams. Which is based on more modern technology and launched in 2017.

“Microsoft has surpassed Skype for several years, with Teams becoming a strategic voice and video technology for the new era,” said Angela Ashenden, an analyst at CCS Insight.

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