Saturday, December 2, 2023

For Windows 11 Look Microsoft Teams gets an update

Team 2.0 have eliminated the address bar and menu to make it seem natural. Microsoft was working on an amended Microsoft team for the next edition of its operating system before Windows 11 was released later this year, which is also functioning on Windows 10.

First announced during an event by the software giant Windows 11, the current major update to the video conferencing software is called Microsoft Teams 2.0.

The big difference between current and future team clients is that Microsoft teams rely on 2.0 Edge Webview 2, not electron. It allows Microsoft to use rendering mechanisms along with web technologies such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
At the same time, Teams 2.0 will no longer use Angular and will now use the open source JavaScript library React.js with the code front.

Microsoft Teams 2.0

As reported by Windows Latest, the new Microsoft Teams client is based on Microsoft Teams for networking. Although not much different from existing apps or websites. Teams 2.0, on the other hand, does not have an address bar because it uses Edge Webview 2. And users may open apps in a separate window, much like earlier apps.

The browser extension and main menu have also removed in the new client to provide a more uniform experience for the app. However, if you right-click anywhere in the programme, you’ll see remnants of Microsoft Edge.

Based on testing Windows Latest in Teams 2.0 in the Windows 11 update, the News Store found.

In addition, Microsoft Teams 2.0 requires less memory and slightly better performance. The app will now start immediately and Teams users will no longer crash on the home screen. It’s due to Microsoft Edge background processes and the inclusion of WebView2.

Unlike the old client, the Teams 2.0 application window is now resizable and its surface automatically scaled. Microsoft has also added integration with local notifications and other Windows 10 features. While many functions are already available in the new client, there are still no advanced controls. That limit Common Mode functionality and prevent users from changing Teams Noise removal capabilities.

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