Monday, April 15, 2024

Microsoft Teams flaw disabled Android emergency call

A strange problem in the Microsoft Teams app prevented certain Android users from making emergency call. One US user complained online about being unable to call 911 for his grandmother’s apparent stroke. After one ring, their phone turned unresponsive.

Google now says it found the flaw and was fixing it. We believe the problem is isolated to a small number of devices using the Microsoft Teams app without being logged in, according to Google’s explanation. An “unintended interaction” between the Teams app and the Android OS created the strangeness.

Nonetheless, because it affects emergency calls, Google and Microsoft are “heavily prioritizing” the issue. The issue can temporarily solved by either signing into the Teams app or deleting and reinstalling it. But some users voiced concern that the issue could arise.

Some users thought that because Microsoft Teams can handle voice calls. It was trying to handle the emergency call rather than leaving it to the usual phone dialling software. Others questioned the need for anything other than a regular mobile phone calling software to route an emergency call.

The victim then dialled 911 from their grandmother’s landline phone.

To be honest, I don’t want a phone that freaks out when I try to contact 911 in a life-threatening situation. In other words, I meant to believe that a phone will do what it has built for and connect me to a human on the other end.

Google praised the original poster for bringing the odd bug to their attention.

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