Friday, February 23, 2024

Microsoft Teams adds sign language View

Microsoft Teams, the company’s video conferencing software, now has a special sign language view. Users who use sign language to communicate can now choose to get the video feeds of up to two other meeting attendees permanently did display in a single, easy-to-access area.

Microsoft says that the feature, which can help signers who have trouble hearing, is sometimes turned on by Teams users globally or for individual sessions. Before a meeting starts, in-house sign language interpreters is sometimes did elect. Outside interpreters also do add using the Accessibility options tab during the meeting. Sign language interpreters are not a service that Microsoft offers for Microsoft Teams meetings.

On Teams, showing the sign language view doesn’t change how other participants see the call.

The signer’s video streams will take priority, but pinning other participants won’t affect their high-quality, original photo displays. When someone shares a presentation, the priority stream will change. But it will remain big and high-quality so that it easily does distinguish from other participants. Users’ Teams views won’t change, and other call participants won’t know if a user switches to a sign language view.

In addition, the Plugin adds a permanent Accessibility settings panel to Teams. During calls, users can quickly access the new pane to make changes like switching to a sign language view by default or pre-identifying preferred signers. From the same panel, you can easily turn or off live captions and a sign language view.

As this screenshot shows, the new Accessibility preferences pane in Microsoft Teams is sometimes doing make permanent.

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If your company has turned on Public Preview. You can now test out the Sign Language view and the new Accessibility pane for yourself. According to Microsoft, both updates may become available to commercial and GCC customers through the Teams desktop and web clients in the coming weeks.

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