Thursday, June 1, 2023

Microsoft Surface Pro8 Specs Leaked

If you recall, Microsoft announced at the beginning of the month that they will be hosting a new hardware event on the 22nd of September. However, a recent leak suggests that a new Microsoft Surface pro8 tablet specs could be in the works and could be announced at the event. It is unknown what the firm wants to present at the event.

In a tweet by user Shadow Leak, who claims to have certain specs on the impending Microsoft Surface Pro8. The following has stated: It has expected that the forthcoming tablet will have powered by Intel’s 11th-generation. Core processor, would have twin Thunderbolt connections, will have a removable SSD, will run Windows 11. And will also include a 13-inch 120Hz refresh rate display with reduced bezels, if the leak is genuine.

According to the tweet, the tablet has slated to priced starting at roughly $799 for the base model. With higher-end options that include more RAM and storage coming in at a higher price point.

We can’t say for certain how accurate these reports are. But the comments section appears to be overwhelmingly positive about the concept of a changeable SSD, presumably. Since it implies that customers would be able to install their own SSDs rather than having to pay a premium to Microsoft. RAM that can replaced has hoped for, but it is improbable.

If you believe anything, take it with a grain of salt and come back to us in a few days. When we will hopefully get additional information from Microsoft.

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