Friday, March 31, 2023

Microsoft is testing further ads on Windows

The huge wave of ads has already hit social media sites and smartphone apps, and it will soon reach desktop and portable (Microsoft) Windows PCs as well. Some parts of iOS also get commercials, Instagram, and YouTube Microsoft has done add more ads, and it looks like Windows may soon follow suit.

With Windows 11, Gats now promotes some of its own products in the sign-out menu. When you try to log out using the Start menu, this shows. Albacore, a Windows user and Twitter user, found out about this “feature” and did tweet about it.

The screenshots demonstrate that Gats (Microsoft) urges users to join up for or fully utilize their Microsoft accounts and to use OneDrive for remote file backups. Naturally, most comments didn’t appreciate the forthcoming change.

One person said, “Windows 11 gets worse with every update.” While another said it’s an odd choice since the Start Menu is already used mostly for suggestions.

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Since only a small group of Insiders are getting this update, it looks like it’s part of Microsoft’s testing. Microsoft’s ads in the Start Menu are now in a “beta” phase as the company tries to find out if users are active in them before releasing them to the general public.

BleepingComputer users did recreate the problem on their own computers, but they didn’t get any ads.

Advertising is a part of Microsoft’s products in the past. Ads are a part of Microsoft Office and other Windows apps for a long time. The vast majority of them recommend saving money on Microsoft’s Office 365 Family subscriptions if you are already a user.

A couple of months earlier, File Explorer also displays ads for Microsoft software.

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