Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox version gets new details

Today Microsoft hosted a live Q&A stream with Microsoft Flight Simulator developer providing information about the new Xbox Series X release | S and upgrades in the included computer version.

During the live broadcast (which is the second part after a few days) we heard from Microsoft Flight Simulator head Jörg Neumann, Asobo CEO Sebastian Wloch and executive producer Martial Bossard.

They state that parts of the engine architecture has rewritten to improve performance. We saw a video shot by Wloch’s own computer showing the frame rate difference between the current Sim Update 4 and the new Sim Update 5 that will be released on July 27 with the Xbox version.

The improvements are certainly huge, and Wloch also mentioned that the team expects VR performance improvements, but the extent of that is unknown.

Incidentally, all these fixes have done on computers without DirectX 12 implementation, which still work.

Finally, we have the final say on the possible public beta of the Xbox. This won’t happen, but the compilation will tested on computers over the next few days along with the above performance update.

The exact same content that has announced for the Xbox version. This will also go to your computer, so the compilation is the same. Cross-play and cross-save supported.

The frame rate for the Xbox Series X Version S has locked at 30 FPS on a regular TV. While kits that support variable frame rates can take advantage of this feature.

Frame rates are roughly the same on both consoles and depend on where you’re flying and what you’re doing. When flying over Paris on an Airbus A320, Wloch saw around 35-40 FPS (this is the lowest class), while when flying over Bordeaux the frame rate could be as high as 60.

Major Change in Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update5

The Xbox Series X will run the simulator in 4K resolution while the Xbox Series S will run it in 1080p.

Xbox physical drives will only be available for the standard version of the game.

Speaking of Xbox One, Microsoft is working on building a simulator of the older console using Xcloud. Neumann was pretty sure it would work.

The Xbox market will be the same. Microsoft’s all content will be available across all platforms. Third-party developers don’t have to support Xbox and can opt out, but Neumann believes most will make their products available.

All Microsoft add-ons support cross-platform purchases. Free material will be available, including FlyByWire’s fantastic A32NX.

The Xbox version of the game offers a new way of using the controller to interact with the cockpit. Keyboard and mouse are of course supporting natively.

We also heard that the US will receive another update next year as new and better data has been discovered following the global update that the country has upgraded in late 2020.

Works with MeteoBlue to improve live time. Inconsistencies with METAR will be resolved by the end of the year, but improvements will continue in 2022 with a roadmap that Neumann says “gets people on board”.

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