Thursday, March 30, 2023

Microsoft Edge is gaining users from Google Chrome

For a long time, Google Chrome was the go-to browser. This was especially true when Microsoft was still pushing its Internet Explorer browser, but since revamping its Edge browser with Chromium, it appears to be a strategy that is paying well.

According to the latest Statcounter data, Chrome is the only browser that lost market share last month, falling from 65.27 percent to 64.04 percent. Compared to Edge, which had a modest increase in market share.

Keep in mind that Chrome is not under any danger. Google Chrome is still the most popular browser of users, with Safari coming in second at 19%. So unless something extraordinary happens, Chrome is unlikely to be dethroned very soon, if ever.

Microsoft has been aggressive in courting users of competing browsers, such as Chrome, by displaying popups to users of its Edge browser. Microsoft made it tough for consumers to change default browsers in Windows 11.

Edge may ultimately catch up to Safari, but for now, being based on Chromium and sharing extensions with Chrome. It is a good alternative for chrome users who don’t want Google tracking their online activities.

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